CZ P10 C Review After 1,100 Rounds | Debunking Internet Ninja Issues And More

There have been a thousand and one reviews on the CZ P10 C so far, so why should you listen to me? Easy answer. I have no bias, no manufacturer influence, no advertisers to steer me into saying something that isn’t true and finds no joy in rustling jimmies unless you are an idiot that spreads misinformation. Time for an update of the CZ P10 C review after 1,100 Rounds!

In this update of our 5,000 round test, we are going to talk about our impressions of the gun after 1,100 live rounds, 500 plus dummies, countless dry fire reps, and more practice draws than I want to think about. We also get into wear patterns on the internals, some minor mods that we were forced to make and spend some time debunking some stupid internet myths about perceived design issues with the P10 C.

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