Is Still Under Construction!

Thanks so much for visiting the site! Please keep in mind that the site is still under construction and will be evolving as I learn more about WordPress, the capabilities of this theme and learning new skills of my own.

I will be adding all of the old reviews and articles that I have published on a number of sites as the terms of the agreements with those sites allow me to do so.

Thanks for the understanding! Stick with me and we will have something special up and running in no time.

  • Patrick Roberts
  • Floid Barnes


  • Leslie Star

    Saw you on the Yankee’s show Sunday. Looked good! Glad to hear you say you’ll be doing more “in depth” reviews, instead of presentations!

  • Kivaari

    Patrick, Give us something new, soon.

    • I promise that the content will start flowing soon. I have been working hard on the back end of the site as well as buttoning some things up with my previous employer. This transition is nowhere near as smooth as I would have liked.

  • Patrick, Good luck with the new website, we have your back. ~ AmmoLand News

  • Der Ewige Jude

    Good luck.