The New STI Costa Carry Comp 2011 | SHOT 2016

The Texas 1911 wizards otherwise known as STI have partnered with Chris Costa to offer a Costa Carry Comp STI 2011. Not only is it stunningly good looking but it feels like it was put together by German jewelers or something. Simply amazing. I couldn’t resist a chance to take a closer look again at my fellow Texan’s wares. When they offered a chance to shoot them it would have been downright rude to say no.

Looking over the pistol I found that the total “slide” length is a very manageable 5″ with the effective compensator included in that measurement. One of the features on the pistol that I really liked was the Costa spec stipple job on the tactical tan STI polymer frame and the outstanding adjustable sights on the gun. Putting all the race gun features into a carry sized package is not an easy task but STI was able to make it happen and still retain a very manageable pistol to manipulate.

When I got a chance to run a few mags through it I was amazed at how flat shooting it was, it almost felt like a .22 if it weren’t for the muzzle blast. The provided pistol was chambered in 9mm, I am sure that STI will offer it in several calibers.

Dear STI, I have been a good boy this year, I just might die if I don’t have more STI in my life. You don’t want to see me die, do you?

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